US State

One of the most famous countries in the world, the United States of America or USA, which is also famously known as the United States or US, or just America in short to every other region of the world. USA consists of total of 50 states, five primary self-governing territories, a district (Washington DC), and numerous regional possessions. USA is also in the top 3 list in the world for its total area and total population.

USA is formed by numerous different states. These US states are bound together in a political union where every single state possesses governmental jurisdiction over an agreed or clearly defined territory. All states have their own governments and are developed under state law, which is also in accordance with its individual constitution. Consequently, while the governments of these states share some similar features, they are still quite different in basis.

These US states don’t form in just one night. Since the announcement of the Declaration of Independence and the establishment of USA in 1776, the number of states has gradually increased up to the current 50. In each state, the man in charge is called the governor, who serves as the head of government and head of state as well. They are all been selected by direct election. Each state has defined its powers to allow local governments. There is a total of 4 types of power can be provided to local jurisdictions, including structural, functional, fiscal, and personnel.

States can also organize their judicial systems directly as long as they follow and protect the federal constitutional right of their own citizens. Most of the states have a different hierarchy of courts to cope with legal matters. The capital of these US states is at Washington, D.C., and New York City at eastern coast is the most populous and iconic city, where lots of famous world icons are located here, including Statue of Liberty, Times Square Plaza, World Trade Center, and several privately-owned skyscrapers.

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