Surface Pro 6 + Type Cover: a killer deal


The Surface Pro 6 is an adaptable 2 in 1 laptop that easily transforms into a tablet, thanks to the existence of both a keyboard and a functional touchscreen accompanied by a separately sold proprietary touch pen.

The Surface Pro has a fairly small display, with a diagonal of 12.3”, yet still displaying a huge resolution of 2736 by 1824. The display is also capable of up to 10 points of multi-touch detection, which means it supports the use of all 10 fingers of your hands.

Included storage options for the Surface Pro are exclusive SSD, with Microsoft offering a 128GB and a 256GB variant, which means the larger option leaves about 150GB of storage after the Windows install fills up the drive.

The advertised battery life is more similar to a tablet’s than a laptop’s, meaning the Surface offers over 13 hours of video playback, surely enough for a full day with an overnight charge.

Along with all that, the Surface Pro has 8GB of RAM, which is fairly standard, yet is somewhat limited in terms of ports and peripheral connections. The Surface Pro 6 has only a single full-sized USB 3.0 port, likely requiring an USB hub to be properly used with anything more than an external mouse. Luckily it hasn’t dumped the headphone jack as well, thus, better speakers or headphones can still be used with it easily.

The video equipment of the Surface Pro 6 is not too remarkable, with it featuring only a 5 MP camera. The rest of the gadgets in it also turn more towards the tablet/phone side than a laptop. There is a light sensor, accelerometer and a gyroscope, hallmark gadgets of any modern phone.

To finalize, considering that the Surface Pro is equipped with a midrange Intel i5 processor, we can mainly recommend it to people looking for a lightweight laptop that will be used for word processing and casual use. Due to a lack of a dedicated graphics card, we doubt it will fare well in gaming or any graphics intensive tasks.

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