About Hella Group


Nowadays, we are talking a lot about technology, but technology will be nonsense without any targets. A successful business will not last without a determined objective and a good vision.

A hundred years ago, a company started everything with a small headlights business in Germany, and now became the leader in the automotive industry with more than 39,000 members of staffs and around 125 locations all over the world.

And yes, I’m talking about HELLA Group, one of the leaders of the market at the moment. HELLA Group main business is divided into three segments, include Automotive, Aftermarket and Special Applications.

While the automotive division of HELLA Group dominates the market of lighting and electronic components of both vehicle manufacturers and suppliers, their success in the aftermarket segment is also remarkable.

Hella Group’s aftermarket includes the whole package of developing, producing, and marketing their products to the independent aftermarket and exclusively for garages.

Last but not least, the special applications segment service from Hella Group is considered as one of the best services that you can find. Their service for innovative lighting and electronic products are ranging variously from producers of construction machinery to municipalities and even energy suppliers.

The reason Hella Group achieves so much success is that they never stop improving and developing new technology. To put the slogan “Technology Vision” into realistic, Hella Group invested a lot of research and development, with more than 8,000 people non-stop working in their laboratories days and nights.

The vision of Hella Group is not to be caught up by any other organisations; the leader never stops, that make them the leader.

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