Kohl’s website: your favourite discount store


Every store’s website can seem confusing at first. Often times they are filled with all kinds of information about the store and the sales that the store has going on at the time.

When customers open the Kohl’s website there are a few things that catch their attention first. There is a slideshow that shows the different types of clothing that are available, such as a new line, women’s clothes, and men’s clothes.

It’s big and flashy in order to gain interest. Along with the slideshow, there is an option to sign in or to create an account. Creating an account with Kohl’s can help you achieve a more personalized shopping experience.

The home screen for the website also offers a search bar for those who have at least some idea of what they’re looking for, and if of course there is a shopping cart icon so customers can manage what they are planning on purchasing. Along with all of this, at the bottom of the screen there are a few promotional coupons or deals for buyers to browse through.

There are more options than just the home screen though. Buyers can shop by and browse the 18 different categories with plenty of sub categories, browse coupons, learn about other special Kohl’s special offers and rewards, and manage their account.

Buyers can choose a favorite store location to shop at or they can shop from several different ones. Customers can even check on their orders status and track them through the website.

Kohl’s has so much to offer, such as adult and kid’s clothes, shoes, jewelry, furniture, and toys.

With so many sub categories it’s easy for customers to find what they’re looking for with the website. It’s pretty easy to use and it helps users find the best deals available.

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