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Have you ever felt exhausted for remembering and typing a hundred passwords that you created for different account and different purposes? You are in the right spot to figure out how to cure that pain.

1Password is one of the most advanced applications for password management. What does 1Password do actually? 1Password remembers all of your passwords and help you to access to all your accounts with a single simple click.

1Password has many options for you to select from work to home and even for business. Now let’s look at the its features:

  • For 1Password Team is available on most of the popular systems like Mac, iOS, Windows, Android, Linux and of course the Chrome OS.
  • You will have unlimited shared vaults and item storage which is more than amazing.
  • The two-factor authentication will provide an extra layer for perfect protection.
  • Lastly, you will be the one with the master password to control, view and manage permissions all over accounts.

So how do I start? Well, you can start by clicking to this URL, then you can go to all the package they provided to see which ones fit you. If you have any further questions or doubts about the services they offer, click on “Contact us” for your queries to be answered in the shortest time.

1Password is now promoting a free 30 days- trial, so if you wonder how good can it be much more comfortable, give it a try now. Don’t wait for the luck of your memory, make your self comfortable with 1Password.

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