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Down to the line, what is meaningful to you? What do you think the most valuable to your daily life? Is it the money you made? Is it the comfortability you have? Is it the luxury accessories you have? No, they are just an add-on of your life. The most valuable thing you ever had in life is your body, your health. You cannot enjoy your life without a good and healthy body. Different from other company, Kroger is a retailer, a market that truly cares about your experiences, your feelings, and your health through the food you eat. Kroger belief is that ” people are not just hungry only for food; they also hungry to feel good, do well and to go from anxiety to inspiration.” Kroger always tried to manufacture, to market, inventory, delivery, and manage the customer experience as best as possible.

The company also tried their best to match the customer needs and provide Kroger with the most suitable and convenient service base on their signature values: Honesty, Integrity, Respect, Diversity, Safety, and Inclusion.

Food stores are Kroger primary business and currently operates more than 2,800 grocery retail stores over 35 states under many different names.

Understanding the fundamental absurdity in the food industry and the waste circle, Kroger promises to achieve the Kroger’s Zero Hunger/ Zero Waste social Impact plan by 2025. To avoid and eliminate waste in the whole organisation by 2025, Kroger established more than $10 million innovation fund through their same name Co.Foundation. They planned to accelerate donations and give away around 3 billion meals by 2025, and also promote public policy solutions to help communities divert food waste from landfill.

If you re sharing the same values and beliefs with Kroger, please visit the site: and see for yourself if it matches you. Join Kroger, use Kroger, and achieve our common goals in 2025.

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