Kum and Go: the best convenience store

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Kum and Go is a convenience store chain mostly situated in the United States, with its headquarter in Iowa.

Most of the Kum and Go chains are situated in the midwestern region up to a total of 11 states with Iowa being the center of it. It was founded in 1959, with its primary focus on providing grocery and gas to people in the neighborhood.

As still being a family-owned operation, the founder family took people related stuff pretty serious, including but not limited to, provide best services and best quality of merchandise to customers, take deep care about requests from customers, and make donations to people in need whenever possible.

They are proud of these company measures and aiming at making a better future gradually each day. The balance of “3P”, or “People, Planet, Profit” is crucial to the company’s development as well as the guideline for implementing any new policies.

Kum and Go also invested in numerous businesses like Solar Transport, an fuel transportation company, Des Moines Menace Soccer, as well as two historical wineries besides franchising operation.

Kum and Go provides extensive convenience to your daily lifestyle, making it possible with more than 400 stores available just around the corner.

Whenever you want to grab for a bite, quench your thirst, need some fuel for your vehicle, or even just want to rent a video, Kum and Go is always there to satisfy the needs, and it’s always pleasant to visit Kum and Go stores as they also provide excellent customer service and tidy environment to make you feel like home.

Utilize the Kum and Go Find a Store function to search for the nearest stores around you. In addition, Kum and Go donates 10% of their profits to help the communities to ensure their “3P” is truly achieved and realized in a good way.

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