Superfoods are hiding in your fridge

The term “superfoods” has, to a large extent, become synonymous with exotic foods. From goji, acai and camu camu berries to Moringa and the famed spirulina, they all come from far away corners of the world. Since all of these are superfoods, the obvious conclusion is that nothing grown locally is super enough.

But, many superfoods are hiding in your fridge!

Unbeknownst to you and utterly ignored, there are many foods in your refrigerator that have as much to offer as the uber-expensive produce that comes to you from foreign lands. Not only are these superfoods just as nutrient-rich but also they are an equally rich source of anti-oxidants.

Plus, they are easily available and extremely affordable. So, take a look at the top food items that you should reach for when you need your daily dose of essential vitamins and nutrients and boatloads of antioxidants to go with them.

Tomatoes: The fleshy, red orbs are rich in lycopene and they offer over 90% of your daily requirement of vitamin C. Those are two of nature’s most potent antioxidants offered in this salad staple.

Ginger: The fleshy rhizome contains over 400 phytochemicals one of which is gingerol, a powerful anti-inflammatory agent with antioxidant properties to boot. In addition, the well-loved medicinal and culinary spice also offers Vitamin C, and B complex vitamins, along with several essential minerals including zinc, magnesium and folate.

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The herbs: Take your pick on this one because all those fragrant leaves and stems have so much to offer. From coriander to thyme and from peppermint to rosemary, each boasts of substantial amounts of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds.

Yogurt: A massive source of gut-friendly bacteria, pot set yogurt puts your digestion back on track and offers several vital nutrients such as vitamins B12 and D as well as calcium.

Kale: Jam-packed with iron, calcium, potassium and Vitamins C and A, kale is also a rich source of carotenoids and flavonols. These substances help to protect the eyes and regulate the immune system, lowering the synthesis of allergy-related substances in the body.

The berries: Be it strawberries, blueberries or any other kind of berries, those tiny, juicy wonders from Mother nature are full of vitamins, trace minerals, anthocyanins, quercetin and other flavonoids that can stop oxidative stress before it wreaks havoc on your body.

Mushrooms: Folate, selenium, Vitamin D and a myriad of antioxidants come together in this fungi to offer a range of health benefits. From preventing chronic inflammation to keeping blood sugar levels in check and even improving cardiovascular health, mushrooms can do it all and more.

Avocado: If you are in need of healthy fats that will keep your skin glowing and your ticker in top shape, this green, buttery fruit should definitely be a part of your diet. Its oleic acid content helps to keep cholesterol levels in control while the soluble and insoluble fibers leave you feeling full, thus helping in weight management.

The citrus fruits: Lemons, oranges, mandarins and grapefruits, they can all give you more than your daily requirement of vitamin C, which is one of the most potent antioxidants in nature. What’s more; you also get a host of other anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds to go with that. Plus, those tangy acidic juices kick start the digestion process.

So, the next time you are looking for superfoods, raid the refrigerator before you spend a fortune on buying the offerings of foreign lands over the internet.

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